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"Let's strengthen the conservative core of Oklahoma State Senate District 33, lessen the dependency on the federal government as a state, and stop the leftist ideologies attempting to infiltrate Oklahoma!"

-Shelley Gwartney


Shelley Gwartney is a Christian Conservative Republican running for District 33 of the Oklahoma State Senate. This district mostly includes the Tulsa County side of Broken Arrow and the incumbent State Senator is term limited. Her top priorities are 1. Preserving Conservative values through the next generation, and 2. Protecting Oklahoma's sovereignty- to protect it as a state people will WANT to visit, invest in, and raise their families in. She seeks to be the bridge-builder, providing people with the education, resources, and tools needed to best serve their families and communities.


Shelley is an accomplished businesswoman with a background in organizational management, infrastructure, and communications. She's built problem-solving management systems for organizations which helped to optimize inventory, improve workflow, and strengthen client relations. She currently works as a creative advisor to a family of small businesses in B.A.  Shelley got involved with politics after being fed up with the left-leaning ideologies pushed unto onto her children, and the assault on parental rights. She has a proven track record of bringing order out of chaos. Notably, she took a broken PTA which had lost the trust of the community, had little involvement and financial records in such disarray that the state had to get involved, and turned it around. Under her leadership, membership grew 240% the first year and since then, participation and morale have skyrocketed.


Shelley is also deeply involved in her church. She co-founded a Mom's Ministry at BattleCreek Church and served as a community group leader for nine years. She and her husband, Lynden (a former Marine and small business owner), have huge hearts to serve others. They have fostered thirteen children through OKDHS and have hosted five foreign exchange students from around the world. They have four children and live and work in B.A. And with one of her passions of making sure children receive a quality education, Shelley stepped up to substitute teach during the pandemic to help keep kids in school with in-person learning. She believes in limited government, but she also believes the best elected officials are good listeners who proactively defend Conservative values.

Shelley comes from a family rooted in public service. Her mom, her extended siblings, and Shelley herself, have taught and coached in public, private, and charter schools. Her sister-in-law, Kelsee, was Broken Arrow's Teacher of The Year in 2022!  Her brothers serve on the Tulsa Police and Tulsa Fire Department, giving her insight into what our brave officers go through every day! Her husband, Lynden, and brother, Ryan, both served in the Marine Corps. Lynden also served in the Oklahoma Air National Guard.  Shelley's extended family members include missionaries, church planters, and a special needs therapist. Her family is an asset to Oklahoma and Shelley would carry their respected legacy with her to the Capitol.

In her spare time, Shelley loves serving in local nonprofit organizations. Here are a few:

  • Member of the Republican Women’s Club, OK2A, and Women for Tulsa

  • Senate District Captain for Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights (OKHPR)

  • Served as a board member on local and district level PTAs

  • Board member of Moms for Liberty- Tulsa County

  • Volunteer Coordinator and Founding Family at Tulsa Classical Academy

  • Served on the BA ReZoning Committee- 2022

  • Current Tulsa GOP State Committee Member


Since first launching her campaign in April of 2023, Shelley Gwartney has received the endorsement from numerous local business leaders, local elected officials, community activists and organizations, and Tulsa area GOP donors. For the latest campaign updates, follow Shelley's campaign Facebook page.

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